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Why Spitfire?

Founded in 1986 as part of Deluxe Distribution SF. Spitfire produce some of the highest quality skateboard wheels on the market. Furthermore, they have an incredible skate team including top names like Ishod Wair, Yuto Horogomie & more.

Operating alongside brands such as RealThunder, Krooked, Venture and Anti-Hero. In addition Spitfire produce a diverse range of hardware & clothing. So here at Hot Box Skate we try to stock as many as possible.

Formula Four Urethane

Formula Four is Spitfire’s highest performing urethane. It is made in 7 different shapes and all sizes.

  •  Rounded edge design for increased control, speed, and responsive slide.
Radial Slims
  • Thinner, lighter hand cut round edge design for better control, speed and ultra responsive slide potential.
  • A true performance conical shape – hand cut for quick response and less weight capabilities.
Conical Full
  • Wider riding surface and cutaway design for unmatched control and lasting speed everywhere.
  • Straight Cut profile, thin riding surface, speed and control for the sick.
  • By all means the #1 Shape in skateboarding worldwide – proven for speed and control.

Lastly all of the shapes are available in two durometres, 99 and 101. In Conclusion Spitfire are a great brand and produce some of the best skateboard products on the market.

Additionally, for even more info on which wheels are best for your setup then visit our skateboard buyers guide. Likewise, our team at Hotbox is here to offer help/advice and answer any questions you might have.

Alternatively visit our store based in Chelmsford, Essex and get a better look at our spitfire products. Or give us a call on 01245 290117.

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