How Do I Decide What Size Deck To Buy?

Buying you first deck is a big thing when you start Skateboarding, you are going to remember this deck forever! We say it mainly depends on personal preference so if you come in store you will be able to see how you feel standing on different sizes.

Above is a Chart you can refer to if you want a wide world used chart.

Why Do I Suck At Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is all about good times and learning. When anybody first steps on a board chances are they are gonna fall off and get a scratch. THATS WHATS ITS ABOUT. Next thing people either do is get back up and try again or they stop trying. The people who succeed at Skateboarding never stop trying but at the same time they are having the most fun they can. Everyone is equal in the skate community no matter who you are (Scooters are an exception). So stay on that bit of wood then SKATE OR DIE.

Where Is Hot Box Skate Shop?

Hot Box Skate Shop is located in Chelmsford, Essex just a 2 minute walk from the skatepark and a 30 second walk from the train or bus station. We are in Arch 26 Viaduct Road, CM1 1TS. Neighbouring The Ale House.